"I have a new found approach to life, full of confidence and energy to attack everyday. I am forever grateful. This is Project mylife!"

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"I now feel I am capable of doing anything that I set my mind to in work and my personal life and doing it well!"

With every set, every rep and every ounce of nutrition, I purged my mind, body and soul.

'There is no intimidation, no false promises, and no excuses accepted here."

Believe in Yourself

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Welcome to Anthony's Gym

Home of Anthony Monettis Physical Education 

A-nthony          M-onettis          P-hysical          ED-ucation

Relentless pursuit of personal development. Its all about self reflection. To correct our mistaken thoughts and actions and learn from them, creating a more constructive life. The ultimate objective; to develop a more positive self and realize how amazing our lives can become. “My mission was to build a community where I would help others transform their body without drugs or surgery and create a more fulfilling life.


 I would build a team of like-minded professionals who would dedicate themselves to support and encourage while educating others who sought out guidance with fitness, nutrition and life coaching. This team would not only teach a balance of mind, body and spirit but they shall be consistent with living the lifestyle as well.“ We are body transformation specialists.



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